Texture and Style

  The fabric used to construct each Shimmer & Bliss scarf is a true pride of the company. Each scarf is hand-dyed in a special process to assure a luxurious accessory crafted from the finest air-silk. The unique texture is the … [Read more]

January Garnet Scarf

This month, we are featuring our Garnet Red Scarf from our Gem Collection. It also happens to be the birthstone color for January! Just a bit about Garnet, for you trivia or jewelry lovers: Garnets have been widely known for thousands of years. … [Read more]

The Best Is Yet To Come

Happy 2013 from me to you! 2012 was quite an adventurous year for Shimmer & Bliss thanks to you. I look forward to many more adventures with you as we transition into this new year. Even though I lost my mom to cancer, I will never lose my desire … [Read more]

How to Pick a Scarf Color

At Shimmer & Bliss, we spend much time experimenting with various colors of dyes to choose the most rich and bold colors for our scarves. Customers have often remarked at how they cannot find such bold colors anywhere. If we could all have a … [Read more]