mycherieandmomWhen I was a little girl, it was a tradition for my mom to brush and braid my hair every night, then wrap it with a scarf so that it would still look nice  the next day. My mom was a tall 5-foot 11 Cuban-Jamaican woman that could walk into a room and turn heads with her beautiful smile and fabulously accessorized outfit. I’ll never forget that soft pink silk scarf she used to wear that had her name, Sylvia, written all over it. It was my favorite. Sometimes she’d let me dance around the house with that scarf and her high heels, which made me feel like a woman. Ah, those were the days.

Like most girls, I used to dream about getting married and having kids, but I also had an entrepreneurial spirit that kept whispering in my ear, “Do something.” So I decided to follow my bliss. I started dyeing fabrics back in 2007 because I wanted to share something special with the world. I had a lot of creative energy that I needed to express with my hands, and I wanted to do it fashionably. Dyeing silk scarves became my niche because it was nostalgic and allowed me expand those sweet childhood memories.

At Shimmer & Bliss, we turn the every day classic accessory into a work of art. All our scarves are made in Austin, TX  and meticulously crafted by hand with a unique dyeing process to create a luxurious, high quality, affordable product. Each scarf is one-of-a-kind, just like you. Not only are our scarves handcrafted with inspiration, they are versatile. You can wear Shimmer & Bliss as a top, skirt, sarong, shrug, belt or head wrap. We want to give you the gift of love. Shimmer & Bliss will inspire you to feel beautiful inside and out. We encourage you to let that little light of yours shimmer every time you wrap yourself in Shimmer & Bliss.

You can find me now at My-Cherie Haley.com. Please contact and follow me there!