Accessorize with Crinkled Air-Silk Scarves


What makes crinkled air-silk scarves so popular?

The crinkled effect adds texture and “pop” to even the most basic outfit. We have customers who wrap their crinkled air-silk scarf around their neck or around their hair after leaving a gym in their work-out clothes. Others enjoy owning classic business or evening wear, but then using their scarves as a shawl or wrap to add colorful personality.

Because they don’t need to keep that “ironed” look, crinkled air-silk scarves are easy to stuff into any purse or bag and pull out, ready to wear, whenever in need of an outfit or temperature change.

For those living in warmer climates, you can achieve that “wintry” look without feeling uncomfortably warm. At the same time, because silk is so insulating, when necessary, a crinkled air-silk scarf can keep you quite warm, in addition to brightening up your more neutral black or brown winter coat ensemble.

And as more of an accessory, crinkled air-silk scarves can be twisted and wrapped tightly to be used as a necklace, bracelet, or belt. Experiment with different knots and color combinations.

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