How to Wear And Pair a Scarf For Your Body Type


Baby, it’s cold outside! Wrap yourself in something fabulously warm and stylish! Many women don’t know that they can choose and wear certain scarves to complement their body type in order to create the most complementary look.

Read on to learn how to wear and pair a scarf for your body type to stay warm and look hot on the coldest days!
First, you have to be able to identify your body type. We know it might sound strange, but you can use pieces of fruit as a reference. You have an apple body type if you are “full figured.” You have a pear body type if you are bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top. You have a banana body type if you are long and lean all over.

Apple Body Type

If you have an apple body type, shop for silky color blocked scarves that really demand attention while breaking up your form. If you are going to pick a print, avoid anything too big or too small, and stay away from very thin scarves. The crinkled air-silk scarves are perfect because of the added texture which gives them more volume. Tie it in a classic loop and through method, allowing it to sit loosely under your neck, but drape strategically down your middle to add some coverage to larger waist lines.
Consider wearing an outfit that includes a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans, a basic black scoop neck t-shirt and a red structured blazer. Choose a light grey scarf to pull all the colors together and add some soft texture. Add a pair of black suede platform ankle booties and an oversized leather envelope clutch to put the finishing touches on your day to evening look.

Pear Body Type

If you have a pear body type, the key to shopping for a scarf is finding something that will be of visual interest, drawing the eye upward; and will bring balance to your look. Consider shopping for silky scarf and tying it in an oversized bow that faces front and sits just above your bust line. Avoid wearing a scarf that hangs to your hips or doesn’t allow you to open up slightly through your neck. Also opt for scarves designed in light and bright colors to keep the focal point on the upper portion of your body.
Consider wearing an outfit that includes a pair of black leggings paired with a long, loose, cream toned knit tunic that has a staggered hemline. Create the bow style with your scarf that has a bright and shiny golden tone. Tuck your leggings into a pair of black leather riding boots and wear a caramel colored wool pea coat that hits mid-thigh to create an out and about look.

Banana Body Type

If you have a banana body type, the key to shopping for a scarf is finding something that will add some volume to your long and lean frame. Select a swirl tone infinity scarf in a light but neutral tone so it allows you to pair it with a number of outfits. Wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans and tuck them into a pair of cream colored suede, thigh high boots. Wear an oversized, long, asymmetrical hemline, navy blue knit top and loop the infinity scarf around your neck so that it hugs your collar bone and sits high on your shoulders. Be sure to sport a pair of fingerless leather gloves and a thick faux fur vest to help you achieve a casual, voluminous look for a weekend shopping excursion or a dinner date with friends.
Once you understand your body shape, you can choose the proper accessories and style your outfit in a way that showcases or creates curves and embraces your body type in style.

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