Listen to what some of our customers and fans are saying about Shimmer & Bliss scarves!

I have been a loyal fan of your scarves since last summer when I discovered them at Crystal Works. I own six of them myself and gave one to my mom for Christmas! Perfect for travel (especially on the chilly airplane). I receive compliments all the time when wearing. These are the only scarves I can enjoy all year long. Please keep doing what you’re doing, I love supporting local and ESPECIALLY woman-owned businesses. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

–Katie Carothers Austin, TX

I am pleased and proud to own more Shimmer & Bliss that enhances my wardrobe and provide gifts to those who are lucky enough to receive them. I got my latest shipment today, and I’m not disappointed. They are as luxurious as the first time and aesthetically perfect as expected. Thank you for allowing me to be a lifetime client of S&B. I get to play dress up @ 55 and beyond, I’m gleeful. You are loved and beloved not just for your talent, but for your ability to see beauty and share the gift with others.

– Debra Swain, Reno NV

I love wearing scarves, whatever the weather I usually always have one with me. But when I wear Shimmer & Bliss it puts my style over the top! I usually go for the more colorful scarves, and that “pop” of color is the pis de resistance of my outfit! I love Shimmer & Bliss, and it is the go to gift for everyone I know…I won’t be happy until everyone is wearing Shimmer and Bliss! Hahahaa – World domination for Shimmer & Bliss.

– Timeca Seretti, Austin TX

It’s impossible to find the depth of colors My-Cherie creates anywhere else. I can dress up any outfit, including jeans and a tshirt. I use them at night as a wrap, at the beach as a great coverup, and as a headwrap on those funky hair days we all have.

– Revlynn Lawson, Austin TX

I love the colors, in particular. They are perfect for the Austin climate. I wear them as head scarves, or as shawls. I tend to wear a lot of sleeveless tanks and dresses, and I have to carry a scarf or shawl to put on when I go into the air conditioning, but I also like the way that they bring some spark to an outfit. I think I own 6 scarves now, and I have also worn them as tops (once My-Cherie taught me how to do that!) I also like the fact that they can be dressed up or down.

– Terri Givens, Austin TX

I love the the versatility of the Shimmer & Bliss Scarves. No matter how I choose to wear the scarf, I receive a multitude of compliments followed by ” OMG, WHERE DO YOU GET THAT SCARF!!” These scarves are made with love, and it shows. Kudos to the Shimmer & Bliss Team!

– Opal Carter, Rahway NJ

I have been lucky to order one Shimmer & Bliss scarf, and all I can say is, “Amazing!” The colors and the length and feel of the scarf make it a triple threat!

– Angela Lyles, Denver CO

The scarves are so versatile so no special time or place for them; however, you can where them everywhere and just about any kind of way. I still want to get my beautiful scarf of colors. :) I love my scarves.

– Andrea Williams, Beaumont TX

I LOVE your scarves because I LOVE color & silk….and they’re gorgeous just like you!! But still don’t own one…..believe me its at the TOP of my summer shopping list. But I know one of my problems will be deciding which color to choose?!?! (might need your help on that.) I really enjoyed both our lines being carried by Flock too. I have a lovely photo of me draped in your scarves….just trying on different colors at one of the events. S&B scarves are incredibly versatile…thrilled for you that you’ve taken them to new and exciting heights!! And I love the ”how-to-wear” them video!! Congrats!! I WILL own one (or more!) this summer for sure.

– Deborah Main, Austin, TX

I am the proud owner of four scarves, I’ve given two as gifts. I love the rich colors (lapis, sage, etc.),the way they feel and most of all the versatility of scarves. They are best for hair, neck, waist, hips and combining one or more to improve any ensemble. Shimmer & Bliss Scarves will endure all seasons, for any fashionable whimsical reason – Thanks to the Creator!

–Debra Swain, Reno NV

I LOVE My MY-MY! And I love wearing her scarves! I model for My even when I’m not asked! Even in France and Hawaii!

– Bobby Ragsdale, Austin TX

I love the beautiful colours, uniqueness and versatility in how they can be worn. They are the perfect travel and convenience accessory as they can be added to a purse or suitcase with little to no space used yet add multiple looks to a limited travel wardrobe.

– Lorraine Gasner Ontario Canada

Gorgeous, practical scarves! Perfect for everyday wear.

– Racquel d’Cambre, Kingston Jamaica

My S&B scarves that I have are my favorite “Go-To” accessory! The pigments are the most beautiful, they are easy to care for, and I actually just performed with one while dancing with Austin’s very own Govinda in Nevada and California. I used it as a dancing veil, and it worked perfectly!!

– Teresa Cantu, Austin TX

I helped Irish pack for her adventure in Italy. I touched the Shimmer & Bliss scarves to put them in the bag and could not believe how silky soft and versatile they are. They have the most beautiful and vibrant colors too. Instantly fell in love!

–Zhenya Cvetkova, Austin TX

I love how my scarf stays in place on my head, even when I sleep in it and when I do yoga. I love the colors of my scarf, and I get many compliments on it. Looking foward to owning more.

– Jaquetta Davidson, Austin TX

Girl, I love S&B scarves because you thought, created, touched, and LOVED them all over yourself! My story to share is that every time I close my wardrobe, they try to fly out of it because they’re so light and airy! I always have to shove them back in so they don’t fly away from me…hehe. Love you!

– Irish Rose, ITALY

I love the simple and sheen pleasure of on-the-go style in various fashions!

– Sharla Trout, Peru