Texture and Style



The fabric used to construct each Shimmer & Bliss scarf is a true pride of the company.

Each scarf is hand-dyed in a special process to assure a luxurious accessory crafted from the finest air-silk. The unique texture is the perfect statement piece for any outfit, but can also be used to achieve one of this season’s biggest trends: mixing textures.

In warm weather states like Texas, home of Shimmer & Bliss, winter is the best time (and just about the only time) to experiment with layering different textures like leather, fur, shag, snakeskin, velvet, and—of course—silk! A good rule of thumb for pulling off this trend is to create an outfit using three different textures. For instance, pair a leather legging with a silk shirt and scarf by Shimmer & Bliss and add snakeskin heels or flats.

The combinations are endless! For more texture inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here.

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